Packaging robot

This automatic line works with bakery products arranged in pans, which have already been baked in a rotatory oven. These are the processes that take place in this line:

  • Injection of the products with chocolate syrup or jam.
  • Packaging in individual packages.

This line may work with any product that has been made in pans. It's even possible working with different product models.


For this, the line is composed of the following elements:

Pans conveyor

A person puts the pans with the product on the conveyor carriages, to be transfered to the injector and, finally, to the depanner robot. Once the product has been depanned, the empty pans return to this person through the bottom of the conveyor, and then the same person can remove the pans from her position.

Vertical volumetric injector

This machine injects an accurate amount of chocolate syrup or jam into the products. This machine has an automatic level switch that keeps a constant load of fluid in the hopper.

Depanner robot

The depanner robot takes the products from the pans and places them on the positioning conveyor, emptying the pan.

Positioning conveyor

This conveyor arranges the products so that they are at a proper distance to be handled by the packaging robot.

Packaging robot

The packaging robot places the products on a flow-pack machine, adapting itself to the flow-pack speed. Depending on the product, this robot can be designed to work with needles or with vacuum cups.