This automatic compact line makes madeleines in pans that, after this line process, must be put in a rack oven. Depending on the type of madeleine that is to be made, the line may be composed of:

  • Pans conveyor belt
  • A machine to make or lay the paper capsules, that can be:
    • Capsule positioner long and rounded capsules.
    • Capsule maker for box-shaped capsules.
    • Capsule maker for napkin paper.
  • Volumetric dough doser.
  • Sugar spreader.


A worker must supply the conveyor belt with empty pans. The capsules machine lays the paper capsules on the pans. The conveyor carries the pans below the doser and the sugar spreader. The same worker removes the pans in the same spot that he puts them on the machine

Electric supply 230 V (1P+N+PE) or 400 V (3P+N+PE)
Power consumption From 1,3 to 3,5 kW
Pneumatic supply Yes

The power supply depends on the type of paper capsules.