This automatic line make Tartas de Santiago or any other similar almond pie, ready to be baked. The line is composed of:

  • Conveyor belt.
  • Automatic feeder of trays.
  • Oil sprinkler.
  • Dough doser.
  • Almond decorator.

Packaging robot

This automatic line works with bakery products arranged in pans, which have already been baked in a rotatory oven. These are the processes that take place in this line:

  • Injection of the products with chocolate syrup or jam.
  • Packaging in individual packages.

This line may work with any product that has been made in pans. It's even possible working with different product models.

This automatic line makes almond cookies and arranges them in flat pans, ready to be baked. The line is composed of:

  • Conveyor belts.
  • Flour spreader.
  • Rolling mill to make a sheet of dough.
  • Cookies cutter.
  • Egg sprinkler.
  • Almond decorator.
  • Press.
  • Retractable conveyor belt.

This automatic compact line makes madeleines in pans that, after this line process, must be put in a rack oven. Depending on the type of madeleine that is to be made, the line may be composed of:

  • Pans conveyor belt
  • A machine to make or lay the paper capsules, that can be:
    • Capsule positioner long and rounded capsules.
    • Capsule maker for box-shaped capsules.
    • Capsule maker for napkin paper.
  • Volumetric dough doser.
  • Sugar spreader.

The cutting line for sponge cake divides a squared sheet of sponge in equal, box-shaped portions. The number and size of the portion can be adjusted.

This line is composed of:

  • Conveyor belt.
  • Transversal cutting disc.
  • Longitudinal cutting disc.
  • Sugar spreader (optional).